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The basic idea behind any event or incentive is oriented firstly towards the goals of the firm involved, and then towards the way these goals are to be reached.

In the centre of every event stand the company and its target group. In order to attain the best results, we analyse the needs of both sides and, using the information you provide on your goals, we produce the blueprints for creating a holistic concept.

Events are one-time happenings and should remain in the minds of those attending. They range from gala dinners through exciting detective evenings to product presentations. H & B Tour Conception designs tailor-made event concepts especially for your firm, taking your budget instructions into consideration.

Incentives are unusual rewards for excellence in work. The ‘winners’ of an incentive are not only the participants but also the firm itself, for a successful incentive furthers team spirit, motivation and identification with the company. Attaining these goals requires a high degree of professionalism.

In creating and realising incentives and events H & B Tour Conception delivers security, consummate knowledge and creativity. Expert advice and the best in service quality together with absolute reliability – that is our motto.

Products and services presented in an unforgettable way, winning over and holding clients, motivating and rewarding employees, strengthening company structures and furthering team spirit -  that is the maxim.

Our aim is your satisfaction.


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